In the heart of Italy

In Tuscany, in the heart of Italy, there is the saying that, “every idea comes to nothing without ingenuity”.  Thus it was that our family developed MiobiO.

We are Italian craftsmen

we bring our tradition and culture to the product we build.

Every day we put into our work our talents, passion, creativity and above all else, our dream of creating a fine piece of craftsmanship.

With MiobiO we wanted to offer our best way of being Italians with the charm of our style, the elegance in detail, the creativity of our ideas, all put together with inventive professionality and then sent out, thus bringing our culture to all corners of the world.

Our passion as Florentine craftsmen

MiobiO is the result of our passion as Florentine craftsmen, our ingenuity and building skills.  We offer an innovative product which connects you to the world of nature, so you may furnish your home in style, while meditating your interaction and your own cultivating skills with the essential convenience of modern technology.

La dolce vita, the good life, where the taste of beauty joins with the love of life.

Made inItaly