Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

With MiobiO you can grow whatever you want, there exists no limits to your creativity!  With MiobiO you can cultivate in total freedom, without depending on capsules, seeds or substrates for personalised germination or growth.

Seed, transplant, grow and cultivate all kinds of plants, feel free to use MiobiO and enjoy taking out the top trays to let your plants grow as they do in nature.

Or you can use the MiobiO cultivation trays simply as somewhere to place your plant pots.

For suggestions and further information consult HOW TO/how to grow plants

MiobiO has its own automatic watering system with which you can set 5 different irrigation cycles;  plus there is a water oxygination system. For suggestions and further information consult the HOW TO/how to water

The MiobiO lighting has been designed so as to offer, automatically, a spectrum of light that the flowers and plants need for photosynthesis and the stimulation of chlorophyll.  This form of lighting was studied and developed in such a way so that your plants will be looked after for their entre vegetative cycle.  This lighting is safe and guaranteed by the photobiological certification.

For suggestions and further information consult the HOW TO/how to grow plants  and the USER MANUAL   Chapter  5

Given that MiobiO is designed exclusively for indoor use, in order to keep the costs down MiobiO does not have its own heating system.  In fact, in order to prosper, most of the plants need a temperature range between a minimum of 16° C and a maximum of 34° C. Furthermore given the effort we make to keep the temperature even in our homes, we came up with the idea of giving MiobiO only a ventilation system to channel the surrounding air at exactly the same temperature which will benefit your plants inside MiobiO.

In order for the MiobiO system to work well it is necessary to use potting soil.  Choose the potting soil on the basis of what you wish to grow;  or just use a normal ‘universal’ potting soil.  Otherwise get advice from a gardening shop assistant.  Avoid using soil taken from an outdoor garden because it could contain bacteria and insects capable of damaging your future harvest.

For suggestions and further information consult the HOW TO/how to grow plants  and the USER MANUAL   Chapter  1  

If a light doesn’t work anymore, you will need to replace it in order to continue to provide your plants with the correct amount of light they need.  For suggestions on how to replace a bulb consult the

HOW TO/how to grow plants  and the USER MANUAL   Chapter  7

Thanks to thd technology of sub-irrigation, as in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the water consumption is contained in such a way that it is guaranteed to last for around a month, with only 20 litres of water.  The MiobiO water supply is without waste.  It is carried to the bottom of each tray in limited quantity while avoiding evaporation and allowing each plant to independently absorb the quantity they need.

MiobiO has the dimensions of a normal built-in domestic appliance:  2 m tall, 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep.  To see the dimensions table go to TECHNICAL ASPECTS

Electrical consumption is, on average, 80W, like a fridge or less than a traditional non-energy saving bulb.

MiobiO can be put anywhere inside a home or an apartment.  It can be built-in like a domestic appliance, or used as a piece of modern furniture, in the kitchen, the living room, in studies, bedrooms of in the hallway.  MiobiO allows  you to furnish your home with creativity and wonder!

Maintenance costs are very limited!  If normal cleaning operations are carried out as prescribed in the user manual, breakage of some functional elements will only be accidental.

Plants are living organisms, each with its own particularity and character!  The conditions of constant temperature, light and irrigation favour a much faster development of the plants compared to the external environment.  Just  think, a tomato plant of 20 cm in height, transplanted into a MiobiO tray will become 1-5 metres in height after 5/6 weeks.  Rocket and bean sprouts grow very fast indeed, as do strawberries and chilly peppers, which grow into very large, strong and spicy comestibles.

Thanks to the possibility of being able to take out the trays it is possible to grow plants also of large dimensions.

Yes, of course it is possible to transplant or simply place your plant pots in the trays!

The pink light is the result of the correct luminous spectrum that the plants need to prosper.  At present we do not have other light colourations.

MiobiO can be personalised with colour choice.  The base part is white, but can be another colour, on request, if you wish.

MiobiO can also be used as a place for keeping your pots, which in summer you leave outside.  Remember only not to load the trays with more than 30kg.

When there is no electricity MiobiO stops functioning.  However, it maintains all of its settings for 48 hours.  If there is a black out lasting longer than 48 hours you will need to reset the controls.

For this information please ask for an estimate at info@miobio.bio.

One can buy MiobiO directly form the company or from the many salespeople in your area.  Please contact us and we will suggest the best solution for you.  Contact us at info@miobio.bio.